École Jazz Manouche de Montréal

Welcome to the École Jazz Manouche de Montréal, a cultural non-profit organization dedicated to improvised music (jazz and swing manouche).

Our concept is group teaching. We strongly believe in the exchange between musicians, the learning and practising with others is the best way to bring the music alive.


5 good raisons why the EJMM is the best school to learn improvised music (jazz and swing manouche):


-Crossroad : The school is first of all a crossroad for music passionate in order to exchange, play together and form bands.

-Authenticity : The teaching of improvised music is primarily oral. We learn to play with others. The human contact is the most important!

-Quality : The school gathers high quality teachers, professional musicians, members of the best Quebec bands.

-Coaching : We are the only school to offer band coaching, a teaching for bands in order to perfect arrangements and compositions… to not always play the same music.

-Non-profit organization : The school is a non-profit organization. All the payments go to the teachers and the school functioning.


For further information, please contact us: